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RD 10 Souffle
  • Spray if compressed air
  • Radio, TV, cameras, photocopiers, printer is used as a dust removal from the computer and typewriter. Alone is used in cases which require cleaning with dry air.
  • 520 ml. 12 spray
  • Görünüm Liquid
  • Boiling point: + 80 & deg; C
  • Density: 0873
  • TV and computer it is recommended to eliminate the effects of static electricity on the screen.
  • 405 ml. 12 spray
  • Soğutucu Spray
  • -40 & deg; C is cooled below
  • Metal fittings, joints, used to cool the bearings assembly and disassembly before. Used to detect failure of the electronic card
  • 520 ml. 12 spray
  • Sızıntı Finder
  • It is not flammable and toxic.
  • freezer and cooler areas, the valves, pipes, to detect gas leaks in compressed air systems used to.
  • 520 ml. 12 spray
RD 21 NewProduct
  • Sıçramayı preventive spray
  • 40 & deg; C viscosity: 30mm2 / s
  • Flash point: & gt; 200 & deg; C
  • Pour point: -20 & deg; C
  • for MIG and TIG welding equipment. Used as a lubricant in order to avoid clogging and detention in the welding seams. To provide protection against corrosion and is guaranteed to be silicone.
  • 520 ml. 12 spray
  • V-Kayış slip spray
  • Appearance: Colorless liquid
  • Leather, plastic and made of rubber in all kinds of belts, to prevent slipping and wear used to prevent.
  • 520 ml. 12 spray
  • Biyolojik as soluble, absorbing products.
  • Chemically inert
  • It is not toxic.
  • all kinds fluids, oils, solvents, paints, inks and acid are used to absorb. Is applied in thin layers.
  • 70 liters. like 33 Bags palette.