Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils Get Quote

  • Withstand high pressure reinforced biodegradable,
  • Synthetic gear oil.
  • 20°C density: 0.920
  • 40°C viscosity:
  • 46-680mm2/s
  • Flash point: >300°C
  • Pour point: -40°C
  • FZG Test: >12
  • SOG SYNTHOGE gear in individuals exposed to excessive loading, has been formulating for a secure and long-lasting lubrication. With the help withstand high pressure, corrosion ensures long to greatly reduce and lubrication intervals. Available with and without ferrous metals.
  • 60 lt. drum
  • 200 lt. barrel
  • Mineral oil based gear oil.
  • Density: 0.9
  • 40°C Density: 68-460 mm2/s
  • Flash point: 240°C
  • Dropping point: 20°C
  • FZG Testi: >12
  • Worm gears, hypoid gears used in industry for a lubricant and the standard gears. Available with and without ferrous metals.
  • 60 lt. drum
  • 200 lt. barrel
  • The biodegradable hydraulic oil.
  • 20°C density:
  • Remaining hydraulic circuits exposed to high temperature, centrifugal pumps and hydraulic oil for gears.
  • 200 lt barrel
  • 60 lt. drum
ADF 55
  • MoS2 added glutinous suspension.
  • 20°C density: 0.925
  • Color: Blue-Black
  • Flash point: +275°C
  • Pour point: -28°C
  • 40°C viskozite: 300mm2/s
  • To reduce noise in the work process, the gear oil to prevent corrosion (up to 5%) is the product of contributions. Prevents corrosion in gear and engine friction strengthens the ability to start in the cold. Completely miscible with mineral and synthetic gear oil and provides long-term lubrication intervals.
  • 1 lt. x 12 box.