1994 Year established Tieig Industrial Group with over 20 years experience and knowledge every day with new excitement is in the effort to provide better our esteemed friends. Since its inception, the disc springs (DIN 2093), Industrial Maintenance Chemicals and expert engineers in our company serving with special fasteners; Wedge-locking Washers, Metal Adhesives (aluminum, stainless steel), serves our valued friends in private Nuts and Washers.
Performing engineering calculations on disc springs provide support to you in the selection of the appropriate disc for publication. Customer satisfaction by taking advantage of all the opportunities that offers the latest technology and the right product + the philosophy of timely delivery, we strive every day to move forward. From the first years of its establishment, thanks to the tenacity to achieve the important and difficult to provide quality short on time in the sectors served by the world renowned day by overseas market wanted and has become a well-known brand and has never abandoned his principles.


The future he wants to build our company and our vision expressing the point of aim to achieve our company's Disc Spring, Metal Adhesives, and in wedge-locking washers have a say in every project the world, good quality at home and abroad with their own brand, to become a company trusted and known.


The reason being that defines which values of our company and our MISSION is produced for our customers; Our brands Tie Spring, Tie Chem, to promote Twin Washer and to satisfy the consumer. Ensure the use of our products in all projects in the world. By analyzing customer needs to serve in the best way.