General Information

Disc springs are manufactured according to DIN 2093 by TIEIG GmbH standards.

Advantages of discpSpring usage:

  • In small volumes, large load carrying ability.
  • Long service life.
  • Linear load / compression due to the nature, variety of application possibilities
  • Add or remove a few spring through to obtain the desired arc length or spring characteristic
  • A measure of publications in a variety of applications thanks to its ability to use different sequences
  • Minimum inventory cost.

Spring Disc Spring Tide by Tieig Industrial Products GmbH since 1994. All dimensions in accordance with DIN 2093 norm are produced in Germany. Production is made with the latest technology used in the disk spring te products made to the highest standards of quality control are on the market.

Tie Spring unlike its competitors 2. As in Group and Group 3 products 1 Group sizes are also 50 are produced from crv4 material, so that 30% of competitors' products - 50%, is to get more useful life.

New spring designs and special sizes in line with customer demand and offers to its customers without disclosing an additional fee.

R & D departments of the customers with the optimum design of the engineering staff in cooperation with the authority to have the opportunity to always ready to help.

Groups can work at high temperature for Disc Spring x30wcrv 5 3 is preferred. These groups are likely to provide a superior performance against competitors and has a serious advantage in price though.

Terms of competition in each market determines itself enters Spring Tide. Calculates its own sales strategies and policies according to their cost price, pruning creates a very significant price difference compared to its competitors.

Tie Spring, strong stock, thanks to the reliable supply chain is always at your side.