General Information

Twin Washers® security system uses geometrically to lock bolted connections in the most critical applications.

This offers a unique wedge locking system following advantages.

  • Providing maximum safety
  • Provides superior resistance to loosening due to vibration and dynamic loads.
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly
  • The locking function is not affected by lubrication
  • Low and high preloads positive locking
  • Preload Control
  • The same temperature characteristics and standard bolt / nut
  • Feature can be used again.
  • How is resistant to removal?
  • Key terms are different.
  • Start of cam angle α
  • Is greater than the tooth angle of stepβ
  • In terms of the angle of the double washer system displays extra resistance to tooth removed because it is wider.
  • When the Twin Washers® washers exposed to extreme vibration or dynamic loads bolt creates a wedge effect on the connection.
  • Twin Washers® ürünleri Technische Universitat Darmstadt tarafından Junker testine tabii tutulmuş olup başarıyla DIN 25201 standartlarına ulaşmıştır.

Method using tension instead of friction Twin Washers has developed a unique security system. DIN 25 201 is greater than the wedge-locking washers between the glass-washers the step height of the bolt. In addition, there are radial teeth on the opposite side. The cam yüzle\u015ftirilerek radial teeth are used under the bolt and the connection surface.

Nuts and / or nut is tightened yüzle\u015ftirilerek below. Twin Washers stamps angle relax thanks to a very small amount of difference and be blocked by the wedge effect. Even a very low torque when tightening the bolt connection and creates a wedge effect can be blocked sa\u011flanla connection.

Here you can see what happens when forced to removing a bolt with a wrench. yarn about steps to increase / nut washers expand more than double that allow bolts. Twin Washers stamps positive vibration or dynamic loads a common fastener exposed to all kinds of locks.